Medicinal Plants

There are over 500 species of medicinal plants reported so for from Arunachal Pradesh. They can not only cure our ailments but can also be potential source of economy to the state. It will open up avenues in cultivation, processing , packaging, marketing and industrial application. The medicinal plants are found through out the state. Some of them are much sought after by pharmaceutical companies. Quite obviously it is the rural people, particularly the unemployed woman and children, who would be benefited by these ventures.
The demand for medicinal plants are ever increasing as people are more and more fascinated towards herbals. Extraction from wild has its own problems and risks . We need to cultivate for larger production and authenticity. Cultivation will help in conservation of some of our medicinal herbs that are being pushed to the danger of extinction. Cultivation of medicinal plants are not only economical but are ecologically safer too.
Where to cultivate:
We have different agroclimatic conditions available in the state depending up on the altitude. Practically any type of land available can be used to cultivate one or the other medicinal plant. Thus they are useful for jhum fallows, farm yards, forest lands, river banks, marshy areas, roadsides, farm yards, home gardens and the like. There could he some species suiting to these conditions . These plants in various combinations can be used to make multitier plantation.
Your Choice :
After identifying the land next step is the choice of species, depending on the altitude of the place it may either be species of low altitude or high altitude. In general it should be economically profitable. For optimum productivity it may be a farm of single species or preferably combinations of trees, shrubs, herbs and climbers. Fortunately we have a number of species to choose. Some of the most economical plants are Acorus, Andrographis , Aquilaria, Dioscorea, Oroxylum, Rauvolfia, Tinospora, Withania, etc in low altitudes. While for high altitudes it is Aconitum, Coptis, Gymnadaenia, Illicium, Panax, Picrorrhiza, Rubia, Taxus, etc. These are described below.
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