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Heritage of Arunachal Pradesh

With UNESCO world heritage sites like Namdapha National Park, Apatani Cultural Landscape, and Thembang Fortified Village, Arunachal Pradesh is just the perfect place to explore over a heritage tour in India. Ruins, temples, wilderness areas, and almost everything nice intriguing - the place has a special mention on India's heritage tourism map. Especially for its Tawang Monastery. In the hearts of mountains, the magnificent Tawang monastery happens to be the second oldest in Asia, largest in India and second largest in the world. Built in the 17th century, Tawang Monastery, which happens to be 113 feet long 80 feet wide is inhabited by Buddhist monks belonging to the Mahayana School of Buddhism.

When it comes to heritage tour, other mindful places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh will be Malinithan, which is known for temple ruins dating back to 10th & 14th century AD that are believed to be associated with Lord Krishna. Interestingly, Malinithan was a cultural center of North-East India in the remote past. Besides, over a heritage tour to Arunachal Pradesh, Bhismaknagar that happens to be the oldest archaeological and mythological site dating back to 12th century A.D is a must visit too. There are a couple of other heritage attractions that Arunachal Pradesh consist of like Tuting Tehsil, World War II Cemetery, and Parasuram Kund.