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Flora & Fauna

Vast climatic variations of Arunachal Pradesh have resulted in the existence of almost all types of timber wealth ranging from the tropical teak like species of the foothills jungles, to the conifers of the high mountains. Arunachal Pradesh is famous for rare species of orchids, which are found in all types of forests, altitudinal ranges, and rainfall conditions. The many unspoilt tree-clad slopes contain tigers, leopards, elephants, deers, bears and apes. The Mithun, or ‘bos frontalis’ exists both in wild and semi-domesticated form.

Forest Types: Arunachal is the land of green gold. Due to the variation in altitudes and climatic conditions, different places of Arunachal Pradesh have different types of forests. The types are as follows:
1.  Northern Tropical Semi-evergreen Forests.
2.  Northern Tropical Evergreen Forests.
3.  Northern Tropical Moist Deciduous Forests
4.  Secondary Bamboo Breaks.

1.  East Himalayan Sub-tropical broad leafed Forests.
2.  Sub-tropical Pint Forests.

Temperate Forests
1.  Temperate broad leafed Forests.
2.  Temperate Conifer Forests.
3.  Sub-alpine Woody shrub.
4.  Alpine Meadow (Montane tundra).